Medical Industry, FL

AOTC provided environmental-consulting, engineering, and construction services to a medical center in Florida related to the replacement of integral piping at a 2,500-gallon underground storage tank.

Medical Industry, FL

Related to a major medical facility in Florida, AOTC assisted in the closure and replacement of a 10,000-gallon underground storage tank (UST) and associated fuel lines.

Recreational Vehicle Industry, FL

AOTC provided environmental and consulting services to various facilities in Florida. The properties were in the process of changing ownership and a limited site assessment had shown some areas on both properties to have contamination. Our company addressed regulatory liability areas and removed those contaminants by use of site sampling and laboratory results. We also provided State Reports to assist in the closing of both properties.

Transportation Industry, FL

AOTC provided environmental and consulting services to a site on a major interstate that resulted from a motor vehicle accident involving a tractor-trailer. The spill site was located in the median of the highway. A reportable amount of diesel fuel and motor oil had impacted the soils in the median. We directed excavating equipment to remove the impacted soils and to transport the spoils to an approved disposal facility. Field sampling was performed to confirm the soils were below the target cleanup levels and the site was restored to its original state. Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) certified equipment and personnel were utilized for DOT approved roadway operations.

Housing Industry, FL

AOTC provided bio-hazardous removal and transport at a building in Cape Canaveral, FL. The apartment was impacted with body fluids in several rooms due to the expiration of the resident of the apartment. We provided equipment and personnel to remove all of the items impacted and to disinfect the remaining apartment. The waste was packaged, labeled and transported to a disposal facility that handles bio-hazardous waste.

fire-extingsuisher-training soil-removal-from-petroleum-spill alpha-omega-vehicle-fleet
removing-sludge-from-swimming-pool dig-work-for-utility-company confined-space-entry-training training-fire-department-chemical-awareness
level-a-suit-demonstration local-power-plant-site-audit soft-dig-work-utility-company confined-space-rescue-training

Environmental Compliance Services

Transportation Industry, FL

AOTC provided environmental and safety assessments through means of monthly inspections at three facilities in Florida. The inspections included but were not limited to: fuel dispenser hardware, fuel tank sumps, monitor wells, car wash operations, drum storage, AST and UST storage piping, veeter root systems, fire extinguishers, safety showers, etc. Our company also consulted with the client for best management practices for environmental and safety compliance.

Transportation Manufacturing Industry, FL

AOTC provided the annual stormwater sampling at a facility in Florida. Per the client’s Stormwater NPDES Permit, six locations on the property were designated for the annual sampling at a specific rain event that took place. Our company provided FDEP approved sampling procedures to collect the rainwater at the locations. The samples were marked, packaged and transported with a Chain of Custody (COC) to a NELAP approved laboratory for analysis.

Industrial & Waste Management Services

Environmental Industry

AOTC provided environmental consulting and disposal services involving various waste streams. We assisted the client during waste characterization through use of waste profile documents. Our company also assisted in the packaging, labeling and transportation of the waste to proper disposal facilities.

Occupational Health and Safety Services

Onsite Safety Supervision during maintenance at power plants (coal, nuclear, gas, steam) to include Confined Space Rescue and Confined Space Attendant services. A few of our work sites locations have included:

  • Boron, CA
  • Loxahatchee, FL
  • Oglethorpe, GA
  • Osprey, FL
  • Mankato, MN
  • Grand Tower, IL
  • Pasadena, TX
  • Reading, PA
  • Mohave Valley, AZ
  • Wolf Hollow, TX
  • San Jose, CA
  • Columbia (various sites)
  • Mexico (various sites)
  • Ecuador
  • Dominican Republic
  • Puerto Rico
  • Springerville, AZ
  • Rockingham (Duke) , NC
  • Canada (various sites)

Training Services

Orange County Utilities

Training Services - includes Trenching/ Excavation, DOT Flaggers refresher, Permit Entry Confined Space, Cranes/ Rigging

Orlando Utilities Commission

Training Services – 3 year renewable contract which includes HazWOPER, chlorine response and confined space rescue training

Miami Dade County

Training Services – includes trenching/ excavation, basic electrical safety, confined space awareness

City of Daytona Beach

Training Services – Renewable annual contract for monthly training and site assessments

Boykin Construction

Training Services – 40 hour HazWOPER training.

Maitland Fire Department

Training Services – Hazardous Materials Refresher for all three shifts.

Wet n’ Wild Theme Park

Training Services – 8 hour HazWOPER refresher

Sanibel Island Water

Training Services – 24 Hour HazWOPER

Universal Orlando Theme Park

Training Services – Scaffolding, Trenching & Excavation, 8 hour HazWOPER refresher