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General Contracting and Construction

AOTC has partnered with RISE Construction Services, LLC to provide general contracting services designed to help you navigate the complete building process, facilitating your business prosperity and driving the achievement of your “next” success. We can plan, facilitate, and execute the due diligence, programming, design, and construction process from start to finish.

Our partnership allows us to provide a wide range of general contracting and construction services to developers and new and expanding businesses in the commercial, light industrial, and institutional market sectors across North Central Florida and the Space Coast region.

Our General Contract and Construction Services

We are an excellent resource for your general construction services needs.

AOTC’s strategic partner, RISE Construction Services, is a contracting services company specializing in project programming, design, and construction, providing procurement and execution of all project phases.

  • Due Diligence Services – We evaluate new and existing project sites for development potential and/or project needs, including existing facilities assessments, new development & facility programming, and proforma analysis. Our approach provides a key basis of information and data to help you make knowledgeable business decisions.
  • Design & Permitting – We deliver design and permitting services, including the facilitation of land development approvals for the complete site, utility stormwater, access, and other site-specific regulatory permits. Our design and permitting services include procurement, final programming, and facilitation of architectural building design in preparation for building permitting and construction.
  • Pre-Construction Services – We evaluate owner-defined projects, including program and design review, value analysis and optimization, risk evaluation, scope development, project planning, and budgeting.
  • General Contracting Services – We offer general contractor services throughout construction phases, including final scope preparation, schedule development, final contract valuation, subcontractor procurement, building permitting, and construction management.
  • Integrated Project Delivery – We provide professional services in the beginning stages of due diligence, facilitate all aspects of design and permitting, and execute your project through final construction completion in a turnkey process. With integrated project delivery, we identify and plan for risks and improve efficiency in the construction process.

Why RISE Construction

RISE Construction Services has the knowledge, skills, abilities, and equipment for your general contracting and construction services needs. Whether building a new business, expanding your commercial capabilities, remodeling your church, or other development and construction needs, RISE Construction Services can effectively and efficiently complete large-scale projects.

Our Founding Values

R = Responsibility: being invested and accountable to one another and our work.

I = Integrity: leading by doing what is right and truthful.

S = Service: approaching personal and professional relationships as “others first.”

E = Excellence: pursing the best for one another, clients, and ourselves.

RISE Construction Services’ cultural foundation is based on honoring God, family, and serving others.

With this partnership, AOTC has in-house professional licensing and qualifications to provide clients with general contracting and land development engineering consulting services. RISE Construction Servicesis licensed as a Florida Certified General Contractor and Florida Licensed Professional Engineer.

Whether you have complex environmental projects necessitating civil engineering or general contracting support under AOTC or through direct procurement of traditional general contracting services via our subsidiary RISE Construction Services, we have the expertise and experience you need.

Contact AOTC for Your General Contracting and Construction Projects

Want to learn more about our general contracting and construction services? Contact us today to speak with a specialist. We are here to drive your success and provide professional, trusted services for all phases of your projects throughout North Central Florida and the Space Coast region.