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Land Development & Civil Consulting

AOTC has partnered with RISE Construction Services, LLC to provide land development and civil consulting services designed to help you tackle complex real estate problems with real-world solutions. We can plan, execute the due diligence, analyze, design, permit, perform preliminary budget analysis, and help to reduce risk in your land development project.

Our partnership allows us to provide a wide range of civil consulting and land development services to developers, new businesses, and expanding businesses in the commercial, light industrial, and institutional market sectors across North Central Florida and the Space Coast region.

We can help with general contracting and construction services too.

Our Land Development and Civil Consulting Services

We are an excellent resource for your land development and civil consulting needs.

AOTC’s strategic partner, RISE Construction Services, specializes in all phases of land development, providing quality, cost-effective services that you can trust.

  • Due Diligence Services – We evaluate new and existing project sites for development potential and/or project needs, including existing facilities assessments, new development & facility programming, and proforma analysis. Our approach provides a key basis of information and data that identify risk and cost factors up front to help you make informed business decisions.
  • Regulatory Analysis – We evaluate the regulatory implications of your project based on jurisdictional requirements. Our regulatory analysis services include various factors of cost and time that may have a significant impact on your project, helping you choose more optimal sites for land development.
  • Strategic Planning & Feasibility – We conduct and provide comprehensive strategic planning of new development sites or for the re-development of existing sites for optimization of site utilization, phasing, and value. Our strategic planning and feasibility services can combine aspects of due diligence and preliminary budgeting to develop comprehensive approaches to your complex project.
  • Land Development Engineering – We provide land design with applied civil engineering as needed for your project for fully coordinated development. Our land development engineering is vertically integrated with building construction for a fluid interface between your site and facility assets.
  • Land Development Permitting – We conduct land development permitting of both new and existing project sites for municipal, utility, environmental, and stormwater approvals. We pride ourselves on efficiency and streamlined processes. Through integrated delivery, the land development permitting phase for your project may be consolidated with facility design to reduce overall project timelines.
  • Preliminary Budget Analysis – We prepare project proformas for evaluation of budget, time, and other risk factors associated with determining your project “go” or “no-go” decisions. With our preliminary budget analysis services, we may also include real estate and overall facility construction as part of RISE’s Integrated Delivery.

Why RISE Construction

RISE Construction Services has the knowledge, skills, and abilities for all your land development and civil consulting services needs. Whether you are preparing to build a new business, expanding your commercial capabilities, re-developing your church grounds, or other land development and civil consulting needs, RISE Construction Services can effectively and efficiently complete large-scale projects.

Our Founding Values

R = Responsibility: being invested and accountable to one another and our work.

I = Integrity: leading by doing what is right and truthful.

S = Service: approaching personal and professional relationships as “others first.”

E = Excellence: pursuing the best for one another, clients, and ourselves.

RISE Construction Services’ cultural foundation is based on honoring God, family, and serving others.

With this partnership, AOTC has in-house professional licensing and qualifications to provide clients with the civil consulting and land development services they need. RISE Construction Services is licensed as a Florida Certified General Contractor and Florida Licensed Professional Engineer.

When developers, new businesses, and expanding businesses in the commercial, light industrial and institutional market sectors need assistance with land development and civil consulting services, we are here to serve you. We understand how important quality, timely, and cost-effective projects are to you and your company. We are client-focused and work diligently to provide the best services in the industry to ensure your company is protected now and in the future.

With our expertise and capabilities, we guide your real estate project to successful and timely completion.

Whether you are developing a large residential complex with zoning or environmental challenges or expanding your commercial manufacturing business, or have other land development and civil consulting needs across the North Central Florida and the Space Coast region,we have the expertise and experience you need.

Additional Services

With our strategic partners, RISE Construction Services, we also offer general contractor services throughout construction phases, including final scope preparation, schedule development, final contract valuation, subcontractor procurement, building permitting, and construction management. We have the capabilities and equipment to execute your project through final construction completion in a turnkey process.

We are essentially a “one-stop shop” for all your land development, civil consulting, and general contracting services needs. Our team is here for you each step of the way. There is no problem too big or too small we can’t handle.

Contact AOTC for Your Land Development and Civil Consulting Projects

We are here to help you get your project started.

Learn more about land development and civil consulting services by contacting AOTC today. Our specialists are friendly and knowledgeable and would be happy to give you more information and answer questions about our services and processes.

We are here to drive your success and provide professional, trusted services for all phases of your projects.