24-hr Emergency Response

AOTC provides 24 hour emergency spill response services to a variety of Hazardous material and Bio-Hazardous incidents. AOTC’s Team was created to manage incidents for both public and private sector clients while minimizing the effects of hazardous materials, chemicals, and bio hazardous materials to human health and the environment.

AOTC’s Emergency Response Center is located just outside Gainesville Florida in Newberry. This office will respond to emergency calls in the State of Florida as well as southern Georgia and Alabama (in most cases) within two hours due to its strategically placed Micro-ER units located throughout the Southeast U.S.
Our 24-Hour Emergency Response number to call is 321-445- 9845.

Our team has the professional training, expertise, and experience to provide a timely response and effectively manage any incident. We have a record of success managing a variety of transportation and industrial incidents including fuel spills from vehicle accidents, overturned tractor trailers, vehicle fires, and spills from industrial accidents.

AOTC is an approved member of the United States Coast Guard Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO) Company #0599.

AOTC’s Emergency Response and Restoration Services:

  • Emergency Spill Response - (Land and Marine)
  • Stabilization and Containment
  • Site Cleanup, Remediation and Restoration
  • Bio Hazardous Material Cleanup and Disposal
  • Hazardous Materials Testing, Management, and Disposal
  • Deploying containment boom for harbor and lake marine spills and cleanup

Strategically Located Emergency Response Units

AOTC can manage all aspects of your incident from start to finish, or can assist you with the response and restoration of your incident. One call to our Emergency Response Hotline 321-445-9845 will immediately initiate AOTC’s Emergency Response Team.