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Environmental Remediation, Consulting, and Safety Training Services in Macon, GA

Macon Environmental Engineering, Remediation,
& Safety Training Services

As an employee-owned and veteran-owned small business based in Florida, AOTC is steadfast in ensuring the safety and compliance of organizations in Macon, GA. Our environmental engineering, safety training services, and consultations are designed to adapt to your specific needs. With a comprehensive approach, we help you identify risks, resolve them effectively, and provide expert consultation for prevention and compliance.

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40 hours Training

24-hr Emergency Response

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Environmental Remediation in Macon

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Environmental Compliance

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Environmental Engineering

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Environmental Consulting

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Safety & Compliance Training

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Industrial Waste Management

These guys are the best when you need an emergency response. They responded within three hours to a fuel spill and worked with Florida DEP to clean up the site promptly!

- Kenny Whitlock

I  had the pleasure of working with two of AOTC's outstanding professional remediation experts. Their response time was impeccable and their knowledge of safety evaluation was second to none. Everything went flawlessly throughout the environmental protection process. I highly recommend this company for any of your remediation needs.

- Michael Gandy

One of the finest companies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. A true asset to the Environmental community in Central Florida.

- Roger Baldwin

Emergency Spill Response

AOTC provides quick and reliable 24-hr emergency spill response services in the Macon area. Located in Newberry, Florida, just outside of Gainesville, our well-equipped and staffed Emergency Response Center allows us to provide fast spill response service to both public and private sector clients working in North Florida and Georgia and into the Southeast Coast.

Here are our 24/7 capabilities and services:

  • Emergency Spill Response – (Land and Marine)24-hour emegency response aotc Macon GA
  • Stabilization and Containment
  • Site Cleanup, Remediation, and Restoration
  • Hazardous Materials Testing, Management, and Disposal
  • Deploying Containment Boom for Marine Spills and Cleanup
  • Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation
  • Scheduled Hazardous Waste Categorization,
  • Packaging and Disposal Services
  • Geology and Engineering Services
  • Emergency Response Fuel Spill and Truck Wreck
  • Emergency Hazardous Waste and Spill Cleanup Operations
  • Emergency Response Medical-Based Spill Cleanup
  • Industrial Services
  • Water and Wastewater Cleanup and Emergency Response
  • Full-Service Waste Management
  • Hazardous Chemical Spill Response
  • Hazardous Material Spill Response

We’re also an approved member of the United States Coast Guard Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) Company #0599 to ensure we’re equipped to solve any problem. We’re there when you need us.

Environmental Remediation Services

site investigation-remediation aotc Macon GAWhen you are in need of environmental remediation services, we have you covered. AOTC offers a broad range of environmental remediation services in Macon, GA, to help accelerate your project. For the short-term or the long haul, we are here for you.

Here are some of our expert remediation services that can help your business right now:

  • Contamination Assessment
  • Phase I, II, & III Assessments
  • Multimedia Sampling, Monitoring & Permitting
  • Remedial Investigation
  • Land Development
  • Transportation
  • 24-Hour Emergency Spill Response
  • Hazardous & Industrial Waste Management
  • Annual Stormwater Sampling (NPDES)
  • Emergency Action/Preparedness Plans
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • On-site Environmental Audits and Program Development

Environmental Compliance Services

environmental-compliance aotc Macon gaCreate a safe work environment with our environmental compliance services in Macon, GA. Our team will work with you to protect your company, developing thorough assessments with a comprehensive scope that defines your project’s objectives, schedule, and constraints. Once we have this information, we utilize proven, practical assessment protocols/checklists to provide a transparent summary of your project, including existing conditions, potential liabilities, and recommendations for your compliance needs.

Here are some of the specific ways we can help protect your business:

  • Compliance Audits
  • Accident Prevention Plan Development
  • Process Safety/Risk Management Planning
  • Regulatory Planning & Reporting
  • RCRA, EPCRA, TSCA & NEPA Program Oversight

Environmental Engineering Services

environmental engineering MaconYour programs and projects’ success depends on the caliber of the environmental engineering companies you decide to hire, and your business success does too. At AOTC, we provide high-quality environmental engineering services in Macon, GA, and work tirelessly to provide our clients with seamless project delivery throughout each phase of our projects — from concept, permitting, and design to construction. Our trusted teams have extensive expertise and are dedicated to excellence across our environmental engineering services.

Here are ways we help the public and private sectors with their environmental engineering needs:

  • Remediation of contaminated sites
  • FDEP Preapproval Program
  • Water supply and water resource projects
  • Water and wastewater treatment and distribution
  • Environmental permitting (air, NPDES, POTW)
  • Environmental compliance plans (SPCC, SWPPP)
  • Water Resource Engineering Services
  • O&M Services
  • Field Support Services

Environmental Consulting Services

environmental consulting aotc Macon gaThe talent at AOTC runs deep. Our trusted team of professional environmental scientists, engineers, geologists, and technicians is proficient in a wide variety of environmental consulting services in Macon, GA. We tackle challenges and provide customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of private, commercial, industrial, municipal, and federal government clients.

Here are ways we can help clients across industries:

  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Site Remediation
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Field Support
  • Injection Wells
  • Water Resources
  • Environmental/Health and Safety Consulting

We can effectively and efficiently complete large-scale projects across Macon, GA, and throughout the Southeast. AOTC also partners with firms throughout the U.S. as a nationwide environmental consulting company.

Safety & Compliance Training Services

Safety and compliance are essential to your business. Our targeted compliance training services and educational programs identify your risk factors that may result in violating laws and regulations. They also provide guidance on detecting and resolving them in the future. We ensure we meet your specific needs by addressing your company’s policies, procedures, and actions. We offer multiple safety and compliance training and educational services in Macon, GA.

  • OSHA Construction & General Industry Safety (10 and 30-hour courses)safety compliance trinaing aotc Macon ga
  • First Aid/CPR/Bloodborne Pathogens/ AED
  • 8, 24, 40 HAZWOPER
  • Permit-Required Confined Space Entry
  • Chlorine Gas Emergency Response
  • Lockout/Tagout – Authorized and affected
  • HazWaste / RCRA
  • Temporary Traffic Control
  • Respiratory Protection – air-purifying (APR) and supplied air (SCBA)
  • Forklift novice and refresher
  • Fall Protection
  • DOT HazMat Employee
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • HazCom/ GHS
  • Trenching/ Excavation
  • Scaffold – user, competent person, erector

Industrial Waste Management Services

industrial waste management MaconAOTC offers on-site industrial waste management services in Macon, GA, for businesses across industries, including commercial, logistics and transportation, hazardous waste, and manufacturers. We understand the importance of minimizing long-term liability and controlling costs and design our industrial waste management services to do just that. Our thorough and systematic approach to property decommissioning is how we’ve cultivated a reputation as one of Florida’s most reliable industrial waste management companies.

Here is a list of our wide range of cost-effective solutions:

  • Waste Characterization & Sampling
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Waste Manifesting & Profiling
  • Interim Measures & Site Remediation
  • Equipment & Facility Decontamination
  • Waste Minimization Planning

Where does your business need more support?

​Contact us today to discuss our wide array of environmental consulting services that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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