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Environmental Consulting Services

Professional Environmental Consulting Company Providing Customized Compliance Solutions

Protecting your business while protecting the environment is a complex endeavor. Environmental consulting services help business owners maintain compliance with industry regulations, confronting challenges and inevitable change with the expertise and experience you need.

At AOTC, we have a highly skilled team of environmental consultants that provide customized solutions to ensure you comply with local, state, and federal regulations. Our environmental consulting services can also strengthen your company to facilitate your long-term success.

Our Environmental Consulting Services

Our trusted team of professional environmental scientists, engineers, geologists, and technicians is proficient at a broad array of environmental consulting services to meet the diverse needs of private, commercial, industrial, municipal, and federal government clients.

We have the knowledge, skills, abilities, and equipment to effectively and efficiently complete large-scale projects across the Southeast. AOTC partners with firms throughout the U.S. as a nationwide environmental consulting company.

  • Environmental Site Assessment – We identify potential or existing environmental contamination at your site.
  • Site Remediation – We remove contaminants and pollution from surface water, groundwater, sediment, soil, or other environmental media.
  • Environmental Engineering – We provide comprehensive services in management and compliance needs, including utility support and new construction to fit your specific needs.
  • Operation & Maintenance – We maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your project while ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Field Support – We provide you with “boots on the ground” assistance with projects across industries with professionals that can take on challenges and deliver results.
  • Injection Wells – We deliver targeted solutions in waste disposal, waste site remediation, and stormwater management.
  • Water Resources – We bring a multi-disciplinary approach to tackle complex challenges across diverse hydrology needs and expertly guide you through environmental permitting programs.
  • Environmental/Health and Safety Consulting – We ensure your company and workers are protected and that you maintain compliance and avoid costly fees that can be devastating to your business.

As an environmental consulting company with in-depth expertise and experience, we provide environmental consulting services across industries, including:

Environmental Industry, Construction Industry, Aeronautical Industry, Military Defense Industry, Power Generation Industry, Theme Parks, and Municipalities.

We are industry leaders with a strong track record across project types – from small residential land development to the remediation of large-scale EPA superfund sites.

Contact AOTC For Your Environmental Consulting Services Needs

When you require environmental consulting services, working with a company with extensive expertise and experience will give you the confidence to know that your environmental compliance issues will be managed effectively and efficiently. We can take on your initial concerns and identify potential problems that could impact your operations — and success — in the future.

Our environmental consulting team includes highly skilled environmental engineers, professional geologists, certified industrial hygienists, Sr. EHS specialists & trainers, industrial technicians, spill responders, and more.

AOTC combines cutting-edge technology with innovative, proactive solutions designed to keep your business protected.