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Environmental Engineering Services

Providing Expert Environmental Engineering Consulting and Services

AOTC offers a broad array of environmental engineering services to clients in the private and public sectors. Our environmental engineering consultants expertly handle projects ranging in size from small land developments to large-scale site remediation.

Our Capabilities

We provide environmental engineering services to deliver full-service support in a variety of areas, including:

  • Remediation of contaminated sites
  • FDEP Preapproval Program
  • Water supply and water resource projects
  • Water and wastewater treatment and distribution
  • Environmental permitting (air, NPDES, POTW)
  • Environmental compliance plans (SPCC, SWPPP)

Why AOTC as Your Environmental Engineering Company? 

Your programs and projects’ success depends on the caliber of the environmental engineering companies you decide to hire.

At AOTC, we work tirelessly to provide our clients with seamless project delivery from concept, permitting, design, and construction in all our environmental engineering services. Our Environmental engineering company has extensive expertise and is dedicated to excellence in every phase of our projects. Engineering design capabilities include feasibility studies and bench and pilot-scale testing for innovative remediation systems.

We provide clients with fully integrated turn-key delivery through design-build projects with skilled and experienced in-house engineering capabilities. With the depth of our services and the caliber of our work, AOTC is a premier leader in Southeast environmental engineering firms.

Areas We Serve

Our team of Professional Geologists, Professional Engineers, and environmental scientists are licensed and ready for work in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. From Miami to Atlanta, we serve clients across industries in rural and urban areas.

Our environmental engineering services are also compatible for collaboration with other firms outside of the Southeastern region across the United States. We can provide comprehensive support for large-scale efforts requiring multi-company teams.

Our Projects

The scope of our projects encompasses wide-ranging environmental engineering services.

From small residential land development to the remediation of large-scale EPA superfund sites, we provide permitting, design, installation, and continued operations & maintenance on active GWTS and WWTS.


When AOTC works with clients in the permitting process, we will coordinate with local, state, and (when necessary) federal agencies to properly identify and document the environmental challenges of your project.


Once our environmental engineering services team has a solid understanding of the site, we can then design a PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controller schematic specific to the type of treatment required for site remediation. After the design is completed, we collaborate with highly esteemed construction firms to bring these treatment systems to life.

Operations Oversight & Maintenance

Once a treatment system has been completed and the remediation has begun, our environmental engineering consultants provide operations oversight and maintenance that include:

  • scheduled, routine site visits to check on overall system health,
  • treatment efficiency, and
  • any evolving environmental conditions related to the continued performance of your treatment system

Additionally, AOTC can also install telemetry systems to remotely provide consistent remediation data reports and early warning signs of possible system degradation.

Dedicated to the success of our projects, our on-site operations, and maintenance visits cover a large variety of tasks, all targeting the efficiency and longevity of your treatment system. We will handle the scheduling and restocking of necessary treatment chemicals (hydrogen peroxide, liquid oxygen utilized in ozone production, accompanying catalyst, and oxidizer proprietary blends). Additionally, trained engineering personnel will also provide on-site maintenance for most mechanical and some electrical issues as the need arises.

To ensure our environmental engineering services clients have the ongoing information they need, quarterly reporting on system runtimes and compilation of telemetry data is also provided.

Our environmental engineering company can also help in the event of evolving remediation requirements. Our environmental engineering consultants handle the evaluation, permitting modification, and design/build adjustments necessary for your system to maintain maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

ArcGIS and AutoCAD Services

AOTC has trained professionals well-versed in ArcGIS mapping implementation and AutoCAD design within the broad scope of our project capabilities. These services provide detailed land development overview maps, often highlighting but not limited to: monitoring well locations, projected or existing GWTS locations and impacts, projected soil or mineral boring locations and accompanying impacted acreage, and proper site access and drainage.