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Operation and Maintenance & Field Support Services From AOTC

Reliable, Cost-effective Operation and Maintenance & Field Support Services.

Operation and maintenance costs often represent the single largest portion of project life cycle costs. Alpha-Omega Training and Compliance (AOTC) has knowledgeable and experienced staff able to provide O&M and field support services for a variety of remediation and pollution control systems. Our experience gives us valuable insight into developing appropriate and effective strategies using proven technologies that reduce life cycle costs.

For over two decades, professionals with AOTC have provided cost-effective, high-quality O&M services to customers with single or multiple soil and/or groundwater treatment systems. We have a proven record of optimizing treatment systems as site characteristics change to facilitate reaching site closure as soon as possible.

Our Processes

AOTC has operated a wide variety of remedial systems, from simple to complex, that involved various processes including:

  • Advanced Oxidation Processes
  • Adsorbent Medias
  • Air-Sparging
  • Air-Stripping
  • Bio-Remediation
  • Chemical Oxidation
  • Dual-Phase Extraction
  • Natural Attenuation
  • Sand Filters
  • Soil Excavation, Removal, and Disposal
  • Soil Vapor Extraction

Many repeat clients and environmental consulting firms choose AOTC to outsource site assessment, environmental, and compliance sampling, and monitoring through our reliable and cost-effective field support services. We can provide operation and maintenance services and field support services on a time and materials or lump sum basis.

Our O&M and Field Support Services

  • Experienced technicians supported by licensed professionals
  • Rapid mobilization and execution – 24-hour response systems
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Automated processes
  • Equipment and system diagnosis and repair, and on-site problem solving
  • Data analysis and recommended cost savings
  • Consistent and accurate on-time reporting

AOTC recognizes that environmental problems present economic challenges. Tackling those challenges head-on, we evaluate, design, construct/install, and operate cost-effective remediation and pollution control strategies proven to work where it counts – in the field.