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Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Training

While operating in confined spaces is necessary for many industrial settings, this type of work can also be incredibly hazardous to employees if they have not received the proper training.

With that in mind, Alpha-Omega Training and Compliance, Inc. (AOTC) is proud to serve businesses throughout Florida and the Southeast United States by providing on-site confined space entry training.

Our instructors exhibit an unwavering dedication to our clients as a veteran-owned environmental services company. We provide businesses with access to OSHA-compliant courses, flexible training programs, and world-class instructors.

Our services will help you protect your staff from workplace accidents and ensure compliance with OSHA standards.

On-Site Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Training

Permit-required confined space entry training is essential for staff members that will be operating in restrictive and potentially hazardous spaces. However, sending your staff to training courses can be cost-prohibitive, time-consuming, and logistically challenging.

At Alpha-Omega Training and Compliance, we believe that these barriers should never prevent you from equipping your team with the skills needed to work safely. That is why we offer on-site permit-required confined space entry training.

We will send our licensed instructors to your facility or job site to provide up-to-date training to employees working in confined spaces.

In addition to instruction on rescue procedures, we also provide confined space entry attendant training and confined space entry supervisor training. Whether you need to train supervisory staff, attendants, rescue personnel, or the entire team, Alpha-Omega Training and Compliance can help.

Schedule your on-site permit-required confined entry safety training with AOTC today.

About Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Training

While OSHA certification standards are intended to help protect workers and businesses, navigating the hundreds of various provisions can be somewhat challenging. We have compiled some basic information on permit-required confined space entry training to simplify this process.

What Is Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Training?

According to OSHA, confined spaces include areas that may not be “designed for people” but are wide or spacious enough for employees to enter them so that they can perform mission-critical work.

Working in confined spaces can often be hazardous to staff because they typically have only one point of egress and must restrict normal movement. Common examples of confined spaces in the industrial setting include silos, storage bins, pits, vaults, tunnels, ductwork, and tanks.

OSHA confined space standards differentiate between “permit-required” and “non-permit-required” spaces. A permit-required space exhibits at least one of the following characteristics:

  • Hazardous atmospheric conditions
  • Potential to engulf workers
  • Converging floors or walls
  • Unguarded machinery, exposed live wires, or other health hazards

As the name suggests, permit-required confined space entry training is designed to help staff members safely work within these constructs. OSHA has specific standards for construction, maritime, and general industrial settings.

Employees must receive permit-required confined space entry training before they begin working in applicable areas on a job site.

Who Needs Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Training?

Alpha-Omega Training and Compliance, Inc. offers three distinct confined space entry training variations. We offer confined space entry rescue training for employees who will enter hazardous environments.

These individuals will be instructed on hazard identification and mitigation. They will also receive training on how to orchestrate a confined space rescue in the event of an injury or workplace accident.

In addition to providing instruction for rescue personnel, AOTC also offers confined space entry attendant training. This training is geared towards individuals who will monitor confined spaces but not actually enter them.

These individuals play a key role in protecting entrants while operating within the confined space. Attendants are trained to identify potential hazards so that they can help mitigate the risks of workplace injuries.

We provide our clients with on-site confined space entry supervisor training. This training is designed for supervisory staff who will be tasked with planning and managing confined space projects. Supervisors will be equipped with the skills necessary to oversee confined space operations.

We also provide training for your site’s “Competent Person.” The designated competent person for your facility will be the point of contact for all questions regarding confined space entry best practices and procedures. Additionally, competent persons are authorized to monitor practice rescues and other training refresher activities.

Having at least one competent person on your job sites is not only important for ensuring compliance with OSHA requirements, but these individuals can also protect your business from civil liability.

Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Training Requirements

Permit-required confined space entry training must be designed in accordance with OSHA standards. During a training session, AOTC instructors will present your staff with information regarding hazard identification and how to protect themselves in these potentially dangerous environments.

Our courses are designed to maximize retention of information so that your staff can more effectively prevent illness, injury, or death.

OSHA does not set specific certification requirements for confined space entry training, and the organization only mandates that employers provide this training to entrants, rescue teams, attendants, and supervisors.

Therefore, it is vital that you partner with a quality training provider like AOTC. All course materials are based on OSHA standards and enhanced with scenario-specific examples, which help reinforce the information being presented.

Does Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Training Expire?

Unlike many other OSHA regulations, the standards governing confined entry training do not establish a refresher schedule. However, there are several steps that employers must complete in order to maintain their confined entry certifications and protect employees.

OSHA requires employers to review their confined spaces permitting program at least once per year. Additionally, any employees who have completed confined space entry rescue training must perform practice rescues annually.

If you need to book confined space entry training for your staff, contact Alpha-Omega Training and Compliance. We will book an on-site training session that aligns with your needs and schedule.