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5 Types of Industrial Waste Disposal Services

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Toxic Spill Clean Up

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Industrial waste management is a topic that may not be at the front of your mind. But there are 7.6 billion tons of industrial solid waste annually disposed of by American companies. If you want to avoid fines, help the environment, and achieve your business goals, you will need an excellent plan to dispose of your share of that waste. This industrial waste management guide should help you do exactly that. Keep reading to learn everything that you need to know about the topic. Why does a business need an industrial waste management strategy? First, let’s consider why it’s so important to have a solid waste management strategy. Here are four benefits that your company will get for excelling in this area. Avoid Fines Improper waste disposal can carry hefty fines and penalties. For example, the EPA can charge upwards of $50,000 for every improper disposal of hazardous waste. California also recently raised its maximum daily penalty to $70,000, and other states have followed suit. The bottom line is that if you don’t dispose of your company’s industrial waste properly, there’s a good chance that you will incur fines – some of which could be large enough to threaten your business. Many people who violate these laws don’t do so intentionally. But if your waste management policies are lax and unorganized, the fines could start rolling in even if you want to do everything correctly. Help the Environment Properly disposing of your waste is also good for the environment. From keeping our lakes and rivers clean to protecting your region's groundwater, there are many ways you can support the local environment by correctly disposing of your waste. Reduce Liabilities A poor industrial waste management strategy can also be dangerous for employees and your buildings. If you allow waste to pile up, it could increase the risk of worker injury, which could cost thousands in worker’s compensation claims. Improve Reputation Finally, failing to dispose of your waste correctly can harm your reputation in your community – especially if you live in an area full of people who care about the environment. This could impact the amount of business your company receives and cause various other problems that reduce your profits. If you have an excellent industrial waste management strategy, you won't need to worry about any of this. Examples of waste management services Waste management is a much broader field than many people expect. It encompasses each of the following tasks, among others: Waste Characterization & Sampling Hazardous Waste Management Waste Manifesting & Profiling Interim Measures & Site Remediation Equipment & Facility Decontamination Waste Minimization Planning We’ll quickly break down what each of those means and why they’re valuable in the following sub-sections. Waste Characterization & Sampling Waste characterization involves having a group of specialists examine your waste and tell you exactly what it is so that you know the best ways to dispose of it without incurring fines. Hazardous Waste Management If you have hazardous waste, a company like AOTC can come into your facility and oversee your disposal of it. Then we can leverage our expertise to help you manage its storage, transportation, and disposal in the best ways possible. Interim Measures & Site Remediation This task involves hiring a waste management company to come into your facility after an industrial waste spill or another issue. The company will help your facility remediate the job site so that it's safe for your employees to return to. They'll also help you take interim measures to dispose of your waste while you fix whatever happened safely. Equipment & Facility Decontamination It's also possible that you'll have various equipment and facility areas that need to be decontaminated to return to safety after a spill. Waste Minimization Planning Finally, industrial waste management also involves waste reduction planning. This involves looking at your company and its practices and then evaluating which changes could be made to reduce the amount of waste it creates. The AOTC approach At AOTC, we're industrial waste management specialists who can help you with all the different waste management types we covered above. Our personalized and customizable approach stands out for each of the following reasons. Strategic Planning AOTC will help your company plan for the future as it relates to waste disposal. We'll help you set optimal future use objectives, work with you on a realistic budget, and put the best pollution prevention factors into place. Focused Assessment We also provide an extremely detailed assessment service. This analyzes every aspect of your waste management practices with phase 1 ESAs, compliance assessments, and even facility surveys. Work Plan Development & Implementation Once we’ve figured out the best ways for your company to move forward with its industrial waste management strategies, we won’t just leave you to figure the implementation out. We’ll help you develop the ideal work plan to turn your waste management goals into a reality. Why thorough waste management is important Before we conclude, it's worth reiterating just how crucial thorough waste management is. Even if you intend to cover everything in your assessments and strategies, there's always the risk of missing something important. When that happens, it could lead to massive fines for your company, threatening its very existence. You must be as thorough as possible with your waste management services. You never know what could cause an issue down the line, so you need to have good insight into everything. AOTC’s industrial waste management services can help your business AOTC’s industrial waste management service can help your business manage every aspect of its strategy. From design and assessment to implementation and review, we’ll leverage our expertise to help you find the optimal path forward for your company. But don’t take our word for it. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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