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5 Benefits of Hiring an Environmental Engineering Firm

5 Benefits of Hiring an Environmental Engineering Firm

Environmental engineering firms offer a wide variety of critical services to clients across industries that streamline projects and provide the expertise you need. Whether you are starting an environmental remediation or a new infrastructure project, or other complex initiatives, bringing in an environmental engineering firm at the beginning has multiple benefits.

Top Benefits of Working with An Environmental Engineering Firm

  1. Professional End-to-End Project Management

An environmental engineering firm works with you each step of the way, providing the right expert at the right time, so your project runs smoothly. Initially, they can help with the design to ensure you approach the project and plan each stage appropriately. This is key to varying needs, including industrial waste management, land development, stormwater pollution prevention, and much more.

After the project is launched, environmental consulting firms provide professional technical and managerial assistance throughout each phase to completion. Companies can be confident that quality and project timelines will be professionally managed from permitting and design to operations oversight and maintenance.

  1. Expertise in Helping with Compliance Issues

Keeping in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations can be a complex challenge for many types of businesses. When companies work with petroleum products and other types of hazardous materials, an environmental engineering firm’s professional environmental scientists, geologists, and engineers can assist with a wide variety of compliance issues.

From water/air compliance to hazardous waste compliance, the consequences of not working with environmental consulting firms can be devastating to a business. Since the financial penalties of non-compliance can be very substantial, some companies cannot survive if faced with significant fines and potential legal fees and damages if there is future litigation. The costs of non-compliance can exponentially surpass the costs associated with maintaining compliance.

  1. Efficiency & Speed

Time is money. When having to perform certain specialized jobs such as contaminated site clean-up or wastewater treatment, it takes expertise to perform the work correctly and do it faster and more efficiently.

Most companies just have employees who are necessary for the business’s operations and do not have specialists on staff that are experts in the field who know the work inside and out. When working with an environmental engineering firm, businesses can also improve ecosystems, improve human health, and reverse negative impacts through remediation.

  1. Paperwork Management

From the permitting process to the development of remediation plans to various reports, companies can get easily overwhelmed with paperwork, creating unnecessary stress, taking up a lot of time, and taking them away from their most important work — running a successful business.

Environmental engineering firms are not only proficient at the technical aspects of their job, but they have strong organizational skills central to paperwork management. They also have comprehensive knowledge about local, state, and federal regulations and the associated paperwork necessary to maintain compliance.

  1. Professional Credentials Key to Your Needs

Companies offer internal training on dealing with hazardous materials. Still, employees are not necessarily certified to perform certain jobs such as dealing with an emergency spill response, wastewater clean-up, industrial accidents, clean-up after natural disasters, and more. When these tough jobs need to be tackled, working with credentialed professionals gives you the confidence you need that they will be performed correctly.

How to Hire the Right Company

There are multiple things to consider when you are looking for an environmental engineering firm.

Experience matters. Ensure they have experience with the particular type of job you need or the issue you are facing.

Agency expertise. Many projects require work with several types of agencies from the state level to the federal level and local fire departments and health departments.

Ability to take on the scope and scale of your project. Company or organizational needs for environmental engineering services can be huge in scope and scale. The firm you choose needs to have the capability to take on what you need.

Get the Help You Need Today

If you need an environmental engineering firm, look no further. AOTC offers end-to-end project management, expertise in helping with compliance issues, efficiency and speed, and professional credentials.

We are the #1 trusted environmental consulting, remediation, and industrial services company serving companies and organizations in Florida and throughout the Southeast. We have extensive experience, agency expertise, and can take on a wide variety of large projects.

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