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Wastewater Vacuum Truck Services

Wastewater Vacuum Truck Services – What are They?

If you’re dealing with oily wastewater, sludge, or hazardous materials, then enlisting the help of wastewater vacuum truck services could be just what you need.

An industrial vacuum truck is designed to easily suck up even the most difficult messes. So no matter what type of material you’re dealing with, there’s a very good chance that one of these trucks can solve the problem for you.

We put together this article to give you the information you need to figure out whether a sewer vacuum truck service is right for you or not.

What are wastewater vacuum truck services, exactly?

Wastewater vacuum truck services are big vehicles designed specifically for large-scale liquid and sludge clean-up. When cities, companies, and individuals have large spills that they can’t clean up on their own, they rely on vacuum truck services to get the job done for them.

How do wastewater vacuum trucks work?

These trucks work in much the same way that shop vacs do, and they’re just larger and more powerful.

Vacuum trucks have a large pump attached to them. When this is turned on, all of the air is forced out of the pump, creating a vacuum-like sucking effect.

Employees can manipulate the vehicle’s primary and secondary shutoff valves on attached suction hoses. These valves work to equalize the pressure inside the pump so that the hoses can suck up various types of sludge and liquid.

Why do I need vacuum truck services?

Environmental vacuum services are designed to clean up messes that are really difficult or downright impossible to clean up through other means.

For example, if you’ve got a pit containing oily wastewater or sludge on your property, you can’t risk cleaning that up on your own. You would need prohibitively expensive gear to tackle a mess like that without professional assistance.

Vacuum truck service is a much easier and more affordable way to deal with these types of issues. They can safely and quickly remove tons of materials that you wouldn’t be able to safely handle without the right equipment.

What can industrial vacuum trucks remove?

Sludge removal companies can help you clean up many different types of materials. They can assist you with various liquids, powders, sludges, and even solids.

They’re an ideal fit for messes that come from places like:

  • Ponds
  • Floor drains
  • Oil pits and fields
  • Silos
  • Manufacturing facilities and power plants

Here are some of the most common materials that sludge removal services can help you clean up:

  • Oily water
  • Sludge
  • Hazardous materials
  • Coolant/antifreeze
  • Water-based paints and inks

But really, these trucks are designed to pick up just about anything. So even if your problem material isn’t included on this list, there’s still a great chance that a liquid vacuum truck could pick it up for you.

How do environmental vacuum services keep your business compliant?

Both the federal and state governments take protecting the environment seriously. When a business doesn’t comply with its obligations for the safe removal of hazardous waste, it can be fined severely.

The exact amount that a business gets fined for this behavior varies based on the laws in their region. But it’s pretty much always hefty. For example, businesses in California that improperly dispose of hazardous waste can face between $25,000 – $70,000 in daily fines. That amount will quickly bankrupt most small and medium-sized companies.

That’s why it’s important to make sure that your company is always compliant with the environmental regulations in your area. Thanks to their expertise, a septic vacuum truck from AOTC can help you make sure that happens.

Our employees have a keen understanding of the environmental regulations that businesses face. They’ll make sure to clean up your mess in a way that fulfills all of your obligations so that you don’t face any company-threatening fines down the line.

We’ve handled messes like this for some of the region’s biggest companies, including local defense contractors, theme parks, municipalities, and electric service providers. So you can be confident that we’ll handle your mess the right way.

How can pump truck services promote workplace safety?

When hazardous liquid, powder, or solid material spills, it can significantly impact the local environment.

For example, oil spills can quickly contaminate local waterways, which can have a really powerful negative impact on plants, wildlife, and even humans that live in nearby areas.

Similarly, your employees could be at risk in the workplace if a hazardous waste spill occurs while they’re on the job, which could cause them to fall ill and may even put their lives in danger.

Nobody wants this to happen. But it’s what might happen if you don’t deal with your spills and messes in both a comprehensive and timely manner. Failing to do that could risk real lives and put your company at risk of serious litigation.

A company with a sludge suction truck can ensure you don’t even have to worry about these things. AOTC, in particular, is well-equipped to deal with your messes quickly and comprehensively so that the safety of your workers and the surrounding community is never threatened.

AOTC provides professional wastewater vacuum truck services

No matter what your net spill or mess looks like, you can count on the professionals at AOTC to pick it up in a safe and timely manner for you. Our team is full of highly-trained operators, and we have the perfect wastewater vacuum trucks and equipment for this type of work.

We can assist you with:

  • 24-hour emergency spill response
  • Clean-up for both land and marine spills
  • Transportation-related spills
  • Biohazard incidents
  • Tanker truck rollovers
  • And much, much more

Want to learn more about how we can help? Get in touch with us today. We’d love to answer your questions and have experts standing by to do so right away. No matter what type of assistance you need, we have the expertise and equipment needed to do the job the right way.


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