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AOTC location in Newberry, FL

AOTC Breaks New Ground In Newberry, FL

On Thursday, September 17th, 2020, our community, friends, and family joined us for our Newberry Groundbreaking Ceremony, where we celebrated the building of our new location. We want to thank all of those who came in support of AOTC and our continued success, including Representatives from Mayor Jordan Marlowe’s office and members of the Newberry County Chamber of Commerce. We had a fantastic time and look forward to more groundbreaking ceremonies in the years to come.

Our Newberry Groundbreaking Ceremony

Here are some photos from our event for you to enjoy.

About AOTC

AOTC is a Florida-based, Veteran-Owned small business providing its clients with high-quality technical services at competitive costs. Our firm’s focus is on safety and environmental compliance as well as health & safety training. We also offer compliance assessments, gap analysis, auditing, and the management system support needed to ensure compliance with national and international environmental, quality, and safety standards.

Alpha-Omega provides professionals for your worksite/field support throughout the state of Florida, the U.S., and internationally for both short and long-term projects.


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