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Rise Constriction Services

AOTC Has Partnered with Rise Construction Services, LLC

AOTC is proud to announce that we have acquired a portion of strategic partner RISE Construction Services, LLC (RISE). RISE is a north-central Florida-based general contractor and land development engineering consultant specializing in commercial, light industrial, and institutional construction and land development. Through its partnership with AOTC, RISE is bringing its suite of services to the Space Coast.

With this partnership, AOTC now has in-house professional licensing and qualifications to provide clients with general contracting and land development engineering consulting services. Whether complex environmental projects necessitating civil engineering or general contracting support under AOTC or through direct procurement of traditional general contracting services via our subsidiary RISE, we offer the following services by classification:

Due Diligence Services:
  • Site Evaluation
  • New Development Due Diligence
  • Existing Facilities Assessment
  • New Development / Facility Programming
  • Proforma Analysis
Design & Permitting
  • A/E Team Procurement & Facilitation
  • Land Development Design & Permitting
  • Final Facility Design Development
  • New Project Evaluation
  • Program Review
  • Design Review
  • Value Analysis & Optimization
  • Scope Development
  • Project Planning & Budgeting
Negotiated General Contracting:

Construction Phase Services include:

  • Final Scope Preparation
  • Schedule Development
  • Final Contract Valuation
  • Subcontractor Procurement
  • Building Permitting
  • Construction Management
Integrated Project Delivery:

Integrated services include all preceding services packaged or phased for turnkey project delivery.


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