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Types of HAZWOPER Training

Types of HAZWOPER Training

OSHA HAZWOPER training is designed to protect people who work with hazardous materials. Anyone who is going to work with these kinds of materials needs to complete this training before doing so.

However, the specific types of training a person needs can vary based on their role in the workplace. That’s why it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the different HAZWOPER certificates that a person can earn.

What Are The Different Types Of HAZWOPER Training Courses?

There are three major types of HAZWOPER training courses:

  1. 8-hour HAZWOPER
  2. 24-hour HAZWOPER
  3. 40-hour HAZWOPER

We’ll look at each of these and who needs them in the following subsections. For now, just keep in mind that the training program your employees need will depend on how they interact with hazardous materials in the workplace.


8-hour HAZWOPER training is not an option for most people, and it’s primarily meant for managers and supervisors who have already completed either a 24-hour or 40-hour training course. However, some types of first responders may be able to use this type of training.

To complete this training program, the employee in question will also typically need about 1-3 days of supervision in the field before officially graduating.

8-hour courses are also used as annual refreshers for people who have already completed their initial HAZWOPER training.

24-hour HAZWOPER

24-hour training courses are primarily designed for employees who are legally defined as occasional site workers. These employees work with hazardous materials occasionally instead of on a daily or weekly basis.

These programs also typically require a day or more of supervised work before completion.

40-hour HAZWOPER

Finally, 40-hour HAZWOPER training is the most intensive type of HAZWOPER training, and it’s designed for employees who deal with hazardous materials consistently. Unlike the other types of HAZWOPER training, these courses require a full three days of supervised work.

Is HAZWOPER Training Online Or In Person?

Most employees will have the option of either completing their OSHA HAZWOPER training online or in person. There are pros and cons to each option.

For example, online training is excellent for flexibility, allowing workers to train on their own timelines. But it’s also more challenging for more people to learn online without having access to the guidance of a real teacher to whom they can ask questions.

Some of your employees may not get as much out of online training or could find it difficult to pass the end-of-course exam.

In-person training is less flexible than online courses. But it also ensures that all of your employees complete their training in a timely manner.

It may also be easier for your team to understand HAZWOPER training and regulations when they’re learning about them from a skilled teacher instead of working through classes independently without any guidance.

Another thing to remember with online HAZWOPER training is that employees still need to complete one or more supervised shifts to finish the program. So even if you set your workers up with an online course, you may still need to hire someone to come out and observe them while they work.

It’s often easier to just hire the same company to complete your employees’ training on the job site so that they can also satisfy your supervision requirement.

What Do I Get When I Complete My Training?

When you complete training, you should be rewarded with a HAZWOPER certificate matched to the kind of training you completed (such as a 24 or 40-hour course).

In order to earn that certificate, you will need to pass an end-of-course exam that shows you understand the material covered during the course. You will also need to complete one or more supervised shifts to ensure you can put what you learned in the course into practice in the workplace.

Completing OSHA HAZWOPER training is an important part of the job for anyone who works with hazardous materials. It should also be easier for employees who have already passed this training to find new jobs involving hazardous materials if it ever becomes necessary for them to do so.

How Often Do I Need To Take A Refresher Course?

Every type of HAZWOPER training is valid for only 12 months. So no matter what course you complete initially, you’re going to need further training in the future to continue working in a position that deals with hazardous waste.

That said, you shouldn’t have to do a 24 or 40-hour training course more than once. After completing one of these, you can start doing annual 8-hour refresher courses to maintain your certification.

These 8-hour refresher courses are also valid for up to 12 months. So you end up doing one longer training course at the beginning of your career and then one 8-hour refresher course every year.

How Can AOTC Help With HAZWOPER Training Certification?

At AOTC, we offer on-site HAZWOPER training courses for teams with varying needs. We can come to your job site and complete an 8-hour refresher course, a 24-hour course, or a 40-hour course based on your employees’ certification needs.

We can help your employees learn the safest and most efficient ways to handle, store, and clean up different types of hazardous materials.

AOTC has worked with some of the largest companies in the world, including Mitsubishi Power, Universal Orlando, Lockheed Martin, and more. We can provide your business with the same top-level training we’ve provided to these industry-leading businesses.

So why wait? Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help your company satisfy its HAZWOPER training requirements.


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