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Veteran-Owned AOTC Acquires LSSA

Veteran-Owned AOTC Acquires LSSA

We Joined Forces With One Of Florida’s Other Most Highly Rated EH&S Firms.

Business success often results from focusing on core strengths — and then finding other companies with strengths that can complement what the business has itself. Often strategic partnerships make sense. If there seems to be sufficient value from a business development perspective, an acquisition may even occur.

Given how powerful it can be to add the skills of another company, we are thrilled to announce that we acquired L.S. Sims & Associates, Inc. (LSSA) on March 12, 2021. LSSA — like us, a Florida-based corporation — has specialty strengths that expand our capabilities and professional breadth. In becoming part of AOTC, LSSA joins an employee-owned organization.

Two Focuses Merge 

This acquisition brings together companies that have two different focuses and two different federal certifications. LSSA has the experience and expertise in cleaning up groundwater, soil, and sediment contamination through remediation system design. The company also performs environmental and geological assessments.

Strategic Strength-building

Beyond the addition of the capabilities mentioned above, this acquisition will benefit both our continuing clients and LSSA’s continuing clients:

  1. Training programs and waste cleanup support – We now have additional scientists and engineers on our team for our ongoing projects.
  2. Environmental remediation & waste removal support – Our equipment and trained personnel are now available for LSSA projects.

A Positive Purchase

With this acquisition, we can provide the following additional services:

  • technical report writing
  • environmental permitting
  • groundwater sampling
  • well design monitoring
  • injection well design
  • potable water well design

Also, an acquisition can be problematic both for a company’s staff and its clients. All of L.S. Sims’ employees were offered to retain their positions as it transitioned to being a division of AOTC. Employees of both organizations will now be able to collaborate with additional professionals internally.

Clients of both AOTC and LSSA will now have access to additional services. The contact information for all employees will stay the same. Plus, LSSA will not be moving but will continue to operate via its Rockledge headquarters.

Time to Grow

Via LSSA, we now have expertise in groundwater remediation and hydrogeologic assessment to add to our waste management skills. Plus, it is highly unusual in the environmental services sector to have a combination of contractor and consultant – and that is what this acquisition allows.

We are excited to access LSSA’s relationships with large (including Fortune 500) companies. We also access key long-term projects, including Florida Department of Environmental Protection-overseen groundwater remediation projects and two Environmental Protection Agency-overseen Superfund sites.

Even Better Service with An Enhanced AOTC

Our current and future clients now have a comprehensive environmental remediation and waste management partner by us merging our two companies’ experts. Do you have EH&S needs? At AOTC, we provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to businesses across the Southeast. Contact us today.


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